Microsoft Ipod

Here’s that famous “Microsoft Ipod” video spoof that was making its rounds online. Microsoft has since confirmed that it was the originator of the spoof (though I wonder if there were other reasons besides being able to laugh at themselves).Even so, I particularly liked how they very depicted two very different approaches to design and branding. One school of thought (which is becoming increasingly popular now – finally!) believes that “Less is more.” The other believes that the consumer needs all the information readily available.

Personally, I wonder if those who believe the latter think that a) consumers are not intelligent enough to dig up the information they want on their own (especially with the internet!) or b) their product is so new that no information is available anywhere else.

Even if it was b), I am not too sure that the way to solve it is to overwhelm consumers with information on the the packaging. It’s sorta like screaming, “HiHowAreYouMyNameIsCommNerdAndIWorkInCommunicationsSpecializingInBrandingMarketingAndStrategyByTheWayHaveYouSeenAllMyNiftyAwardsWhichI’veBeenWinningSince1995?” instead of “Hi, my name is CommNerd. Come here often?” (Yes, I have sucky pick-up lines – but we’re not talking about me right now).

Enjoy it here.


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