ISO – Branding By Adoption

Here’s something interesting I learned from BrandChannel
the ISO brand ultimately worked because it was actively adopted and advocated by their consumers. That’s why your best brand ambassadors are your customers.

Most people may have never heard of the International
Organization for Standardization, but when they see ISO attached to a product or company, they feel more confident. They expect things to be up to standard – nothing shoddy and no cowboy service.

Marketers can only marvel at such “brand” penetration. Without any specific logo, colors or typeface, these three letters consistently give customers a feeling of confidence, even though most of them have no idea about the actual contents of any given standard. But standards are good, and that’s all they need to know.


Standards only work if enough organization adopt them. The best branding strategy is to ensure that adopters become ambassadors.

Read more here.


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