Minds Have Filters

I've been recently having a few conversations on advertising messages and strategy – those that get through and those that don't – regarding a potential client. That has lead me to think about the following (Not rocket science, really – but why is it so hard to get this to work when you're IN the industry?):


Every sales and marketing messages that come screaming at consumers in the course of their day is filtered. Some messages don't even get through (they are ignored completely). For those that do, many do not stay in the mind of the consumer (there is no recall).

So what kinds of messages get through the filters to stay in the mind of consumers? I can think of three:

  • Relevant – Is your message timely or responds to your audience's needs? (I'm thinking: "Markets are conversations" – Cluetrain)
  • Remarkable – Does your message "wow" your audience – whether as a Big Idea/Story/Narrative or in its execution? (I'm thinking Seth Godin's "Purple Cow")
  • Relational – Does your message induce, entice or elicit a response from your audience?

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