How Can PR Capitalize On New Technology?

Very interesting questions on how PR can fully capitalize on new technology (in the very market-disruptive ways advertising has done) in this blog post: PR should take a leaf out of the advertising book at Technology PR. A few choice quotes:

What struck me… was that I don't hear much about how people are embracing technology to the same degree [as advertising] in the PR world.

["New" PR technologies] don't enable you to do something you couldn't have done before.

What if we took a leaf out of the advertising world's book and used the very same technology they are thinking about to get PR generated content into the hands of customers instead of advertisers?

So instead of a billboard sending a car a coupon, how about as you arrive at Best Buy you get sent (to either your phone or blackberry) an abstract or a podcast of a product review comparing your client's products with that of its competitors?

How about when you register your new product instead of receiving annoying offers online, you get news or feature articles relating to the product you bought? [Me: I really, really like this idea!]


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