Looks Count

It’s shallow… but it’s the truth – your looks matter. You don’t only need to brand and dress-up your products and business, you need to also brand and dress-up yourself. From BusinessWeek Online‘s Dress The Part Of A Leader:

  1. Look better than everyone else – Dress to impress.
  2. Get the right fit – Not too tall, short, tight, loose… but just right!
  3. Flatter yourself – Does this make me look…?
  4. Be well-heeled – Shoes.
  5. Spend more for quality – “Good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good.”
  6. Steer clear of distractions – Watch out for excessive bling.
  7. Be culture-appropriate – Stick out… but not like a sore thumb.
  8. Give your best shot – Your photos must be consistent with your overall image.

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