The Most Successful Companies in the World: What Do They Have In Common?

According to Shel Horowitz in this article, here are the top five things the most successful companies in the world have in common:

  1. They have a cause, not a wimpy, committee-driven “mission statement.”
    People who work there know they’re part of a big, bold, meaningful idea to fix a problem or make the world better.
  2. They let go of things that aren’t working — even entire companies.
    Let go of “yesterday’s breadwinners” and of doing things the way they’ve always been done.
  3. They understand that success is not about mere customer satisfaction — but about utterly delighting the right customers…and choosing not to do business with the wrong customers.
    You learn how to utterly satisfy your customers simply by asking them.
  4. Everyone in the company thinks and acts like an owner.
    They know — and evangelize — the value of the company, and they know what value they add. They are empowered to make decisions and compensated for the value they add.
  5. The leaders see themselves as stewards.
    They share information freely, make themselves accessible, avoid artificial barriers (like fancy offices and fancy suits), and pitch in whenever and wherever they’re needed. In general, they do this out of the public eye; they don’t seek publicity, and they don’t have an exit strategy, because they love what they do.

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