Agents = Out On A Ledge

Here’s what I’m realizing… those of us who do consulting and free agency are definitely out on a ledge compared to our counterparts within an organization. We’re the excuse providers.

After all, we get judged on our performance – or rather, on their performance based on our recommendations.

Meanwhile, our counterparts in corporate communication offices and marketing departments can get away with lackluster performance year after year. Their positions are “safe.” Just get the activities underway and stay within budget. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper to yell at them, then retain them; instead of firing them and getting new visionaries within the department.

So, if you’re a free agent or a consultant… here’s to providing services that lead to results our clients can leverage on.

And, if you’re on the client’s side… let’s see how smug you’d be if you were in our position.


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