Logos are worthless without the brand

I really like what Seth has to say about Logos.

“A great logo doesn’t mean anything until the brand makes it worth something.”

Reminds me about the lessons learned from Semiotics, about signs and signifiers: A sign or a symbol is a physical representation of the idea that lies behind it… which is what is signified by the sign.

Many organizations seeking to undertake a rebranding exercise often assume that all that’s necessary is a “facelift”- that is, changing the “signs.” However, without addressing the underlying infrastructure issues (i.e. your product or service quality, customer experience, etc.), you have not changed what your sign signifies.

Changing how you look doesn’t necessarily mean you have changed who you are… or more importantly, how people perceive you.

So: If logos are first impressions, then brands are lasting impressions.


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