Three Obstacles To A Innovative, Evolving & Ever-Effective Management Culture

From Gary Hamel’s “The Future of Management” via Brand Autopsy:

Hamel suggests there are three obstacles for why businesses fail in creating a management culture that is innovative, evolving, and ever-effective:

#1 | Too Much Management, Too Little Freedom
“Anyone who has ever run a university, a film studio, or an open-source software project will tell you that getting the most out of people seldom means managing them more, and usually means managing them less. It means giving fewer orders, worrying less about alignment, and spending less time checking up on folks.”#2 | Too Much Hierarchy, Too Little Community
“Hierarchies are very good at aggregating effort, at coordinating the activities of many people with widely varying roles. But they’re not very good at mobilizing effort, at inspiring people to go above and beyond.”

#3 | Too Much Exhortation, Too Little Purpose
“A moral imperative can’t be manufactured by speech writers or ginned up by consultants. It can’t be cobbled together in a two-day off-site. Rather, it must grow out of some genuine sense of mission, possibility, or outrage. A moral imperative is not something one invents to wring more out of people. To be regarded as authentic, it must be an end, not a means.”

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