When Good Enough Is Good Enough

I was very blown away by the potential ramifications of the ideas presented in this article: The Good Enough Revolution: When Cheap and Simple Is Just Fine via Wired Magazine. It’s not just about technologies, I venture… but also about services and the way we do business.

My 4 thoughts and takeaways on this:

  1. There is a changing perception of what we mean by “quality”. There is a potential shift away from the emphasis of traditional levers of quality (e.g. a thing made very well) to newer expectations of qualities (e.g. a thing made easy-to-use). Being aware of this impacts the way we develop and market our products or services.
  2. The MP3 Effect. We have now been conditioned/used to a different sense of quality – that our shift in focus allows us to “trade down” to a “good enough” so that we can “trade up” to something more in tune with our needs/lifestyles.
  3. The Rise Of Accessibility As A Key Quality. These three values seem to be the clarion call of today’s consumers: Simplicity, Convenience and Value (often understood as “low (enough) price”).
  4. The Pareto Principle Applies As The Business Case. In a “Good Enough” economy, one will discover that 20% of your effort will often meet 80% of your customer’s needs.

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