Rejection Letters Can Be More Important Than Cover Letters

I thought this was very interesting – leveraging on the opportunity to turn rejection letters into something that will actually land you a job. From Careerealism: Single-Most Important Letter You May Ever Use in a Job Search

This is a very good example of what the article talks about:


I understand the rationale behind your letter of June 14, 2009 in which you said there are currently no openings at [Company] for an experienced sales manager. Undoubtedly, you receive multiple unsolicited resumes, and I thank you for taking the time from a busy schedule to respond to my inquiry.

It is this type of consideration that reaffirms my belief that [Company] is a well-managed company. As a result, I would like to ask your advice because I believe that you have a great deal of information and expertise from which I can benefit.

More specifically, I would appreciate 20 minutes of your time not to discuss current job openings, but to discuss what you look for in outstanding sales managers, what your opinion is of the long term growth in the [type of field], and any advice you would have for a sales manager with a keen interest in the same. Your expertise and experience in directing [Company] make your opinion invaluable.

I will call early next week to see if we can arrange a mutually convenient time to get together.



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