The Power Of Pull – Steve Rubel

Steve Rubel blogs about the power of pull marketing (The Power of Pull), especially in light of the way social media and the internet is changing consumer behaviours today. Essentially, Steve makes the case for stronger pull marketing, compared to the traditional strategies of push marketing… and gives three ideas on how to achieve that:

  1. Create Resources That Inform The Conversation
    Participate in the conversation that is happening around your brand by contributing meaningfully to the dialogue. To me, that is about being willing to openly and freely share great ideas and content that propel the conversation and understanding forward. It brings to mind things like Hugh Mcleod’s (of GapingVoid fame) idea of social objects.
  2. Adopt Rather Than Invent
    To me, this sounds a lot like “joining the conversation”. It’s liberating to realise that you don’t always have to create something from scratch to “pull” people your way. Instead, what can be done more easily is to participate in something that is already happening. “Adopt” a conversation and add meaningfully, instead of spending inordinate amounts of time building something from scratch and convincing people to join it.
  3. Write For Searchers, Not Just Readers
    I thought this was one of the most helpful tips: “Most of us still write for readers. But in the pull economy, we need to also write for searchers. One way to think of it is that Googlers are looking for “how to get rid of roaches,” not necessarily for “bug spray.” We can suggest using Google Trends and Twitter Trends to learn how people express themselves, and map language accordingly.”

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