Deloitte’s 2009 Tribalisation Of Business Study

Deloitte just released their 2009 Study on the Tribalisation of Business.

A quick summary of their key takeaways reveal some interesting times ahead! 

  • Adoption of communities, networks and other social media by brands and businesses are coming into the mainstream.
  • Very few companies are taking the necessary steps to reduce obstacles in creating a successful community.
  • There are significant gaps between community goals (such as generating word of mouth, customer loyalty and brand awareness) and how success is being measured. Of which, the top two analytics for measuring success are: 1) Number of active users, and 2) How often people post/comment. Hence, participation – not desired outcomes – are still considered the biggest measure of success.
  • On the whole, a majority of companies surveyed agreed that the following should remain as the top business objectives of online communities:
    1. Increase word-of-mouth
    2. Increase customer loyalty
    3. Increase brand awareness
    4. Improve idea generation
    5. Improve the quality of customer support
  • Paradigm shifts required:
    1. Think tribe – not market segment
    2. Think network – not channel
    3. Think customer-centricity – not company-centricity

Download 2009 Tribalization of Business Study Highlights – 2-page PDF (222.99 KB)
Download 2009 Tribalization of Business Study Highlights Flipbook – 28-page PDF (134.34 KB)


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