How To Use Press Releases

Properly used, press releases can be a very cost efficient way to promote your brand. It can be relatively low-cost to create and disseminate. Done well, the exposure gained is tremendous.

Now, with the power of the Internet, press releases become yet another great source of constantly updated information – similar to blogging, but perhaps – for the wary – allowing a little bit more “message control” (we’ll reserve the debate of whether that works for another time…).

Here’s why press releases work and how to use them:

  1. Press releases can maximize your reach both in traditional media and new media: Press releases can be sent out to your traditional media channels – whether local, industry and other targeted publications – to attract the attention. But, they can also submitted to online distribution sites to maximize your visibility in new media (i.e. online) outlets.
  2. Press releases are inexpensive: Relative to paid advertising tactics, press releases cost very little. All you need is time and a savvy knack to give your intended audience something “newsworthy” (that savvy knack is what you rightfully pay good PR consultants for – not just the stringing of pretty words!). The dissemination of your press release is basically close to free – especially with the Internet. Of course, you can pay for enhanced online submissions or mail your releases out with samples and other supporting information. You can, of course, use free online distribution sites like these.
  3. Online Press Releases can leverage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits: A well-written, well-formatted and effective press release, will contain targeted keywords, links and very specific information about your business. When your release is distributed online, many web sites, news and search engines will pick it up and it will increase your visibility dramatically.
  4. A good press release can enhance your credibility: If you consistently write and submit relevant and well-timed press releases, they can quickly increase your exposure and brand name recognition among your target audience. Plus, you can create a media section on your web site where you can list your releases as news items. You can even develop a media kit that contains your releases and other information on your business that interested parties can download.

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