5 Tips To Better Online Ad Banners

An article on AdAge points to the fact that creatives play a major part in the effectiveness of online advertising. To that end, the article could be written off as a “Captain of the Blindingly Obvious” insight, if not for the fact that a “shockingly large percentage of creative that falls short of its potential” is being churned out on a regular basis… something that would be immediately clear after browsing the web for a short while.

So, what makes a great online ad banner?

Here are five tips to start with:

  1. Highlight the brand prominently throughout the ad. “Intrigue is rarely a good strategy in online campaigns,” the report says. Ads with omnipresent logos had the highest brand and online ad awareness.
  2. Make each second count. Whether it’s brand awareness or a call to action, the ad should support the message at all times. The ad will probably only get one second with the user, so each one counts.
  3. “Reveal” ads don’t work. Get right to the point, because you can’t expect the user to wait around and watch the ad in its entirety. While this applies to all industries, for CPG ads, 1 out of 20 top performers on ad awareness used the reveal format, while 17 out of 20 bottom performers did. Video and highly entertaining ads are sometimes exceptions to this rule.
  4. Stay simple. Use no more than two messages per execution. For example, copy-heavy ads for financial services advertisers tended to underperform on awareness.
  5. Use people. People imagery was found to work especially well for financial services campaigns.

Read the full article here.


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