Buy.ology Book Brief – BNet

Link surfing following my previous post, I’ve come across another great video on Martin Lindstrom explaining some of the fascinating findings from Buy.ology:

Great learnings from this video:

  • Warning labels on smoking packages – from the “Surgeon General’s warning” to text-based and even explicitly graphic ones – has the opposite effect on smokers! It actually makes them want to smoke more!
  • The Coke bottle so well designed as a strong brand because, even if it is smashed into a thousand pieces, a person can pick up a piece and correctly identify it as a piece from a Coke bottle. Takeaway: Does your brand own something so strongly (a shape, colour or size?) that, even when it is “smashed” customers will recognise it?
  • There are strong similarities between branding and religion! Both rely on 10 pillars:
    1. Sense of belonging
    2. Clear vision
    3. Power from enemies
    4. Sensory appeal
    5. Storytelling
    6. Grandeur
    7. Evangelism
    8. Symbols
    9. Mystery
    10. Rituals

85% of buying habits are unconscious. By understanding our unconscious habits, we can gain better control of what we buy as consumers and what we produce as companies.

– Martin Lindstrom, Buy.ology

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