8 Lessons On Content Marketing For Small Businesses

(An aside: It’s funny how the moment I post about not being able to blog regularly because of all the work I have to do, I immediately come across this great article to share with you all)

Content Marketing Today features a few  good lessons for small businesses on how to do great content marketing. From there, here are the ones I find most important:

  1. Customers will only respond to content that is valuable/useful to them. So write what’s important for their benefit, not yours (No matter how tempting! And yes, you may have to forego selling your product/service first – but see point #5).
  2. In order to write what’s important to your customers, you must first have a a thorough understanding of your customers and what is most important to them. If you do not understand the problems and challenges that they face, you cannot hope to create content that is truly relevant to them. Without understanding their problems, you cannot provide solutions.
  3. Great design adds significant value to content marketing by making it more accessible, more appealing, and more actionable for your customers.
  4. Your best content marketing investment may be in the creation of a dedicated internal or external team that understands how to produce great content and that lives and dies by the success of your content marketing program.
  5. There are still opportunities where, whenever possible, you can use your own company’s products or services to prove their worth to your customers. (Think more: Case Study; less: Advertorial!)
  6. Get your customers to participate actively with the content that you create in print and online. Begin a conversation and keep it going in order to earn your customers’ loyalty and trust.
  7. Don’t forget that content marketing is still marketing – i.e. it’s to make sales easier! So make sure your content marketing has a easy path to purchase for customers! Make it easy for them to buy (a simple, clear call-to-action helps!)
  8. Good news: Budgets don’t matter for content marketing – it’s the content that counts! Your small company can emulate most of the best practices from big companies in whole or in part. Big ideas can trump big bucks.



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