5 Steps To Developing A Client-Centred Business Model

Pam Slim, of Escape from Cubicle Nation fame, shares 5 steps on how she develops a game-changing client-centred natural business model. Great stuff – but, as they say, the devil’s in the details. Thanks for this, Pam – I’m taking a crack at it to see how this might work for me…

So how do you tie the needs of your market and their natural path together in a business model?

  1. Define the specific needs of your people.
    Take a piece of paper, put them in the middle, and ask yourself “what are the major things they need to fully solve their problem?”
  2. Sketch out the natural path they walk as they address their problem
    Think of a typical client who comes to you for help. What is the first problem they want help solving? Once that problem is solved, where do they tend to go next?  Create a path of steps that ends with them realizing their goals.
  3. Create a combination of great, free information and paid products and services at each step along the way.
    You have wonderful tools like blogs, podcasts, tweets, ebooks and videos to create useful, valuable content which helps your people solve their problems. Couple this with more intensive support (paid teleclasses, workshops, tutorials, coaching, retreats) and they will have everything they need to solve their problem. Remember that many of your audience will solve their problem using your free stuff. But there will always be people who are willing to pay for more specific and individual support.
  4. Sprinkle the products and services with the specific things that your people need.
    Think of ways to strengthen your paid offerings by adding in the specific things your people need. As an example,  the way I meet the needs of my people is to offer Knowledge with blog posts, programs, workshops and retreats. I give them Inspiration with speeches,  interviews with experts and cool people just like them who have made the leap successfully, daily Tweets, Facebook updates, emails and free calls. I give them Community with Quickstart to Self Employment, and invitations to lots of live events where they can gather with like-minded people. I give them Promotion by Tweeting and blogging about their businesses, mentioning them in my press interviews and making introductions with mentors and customers.
  5. Organize your product road map in a clear and compelling manner and promote the heck out of it!
    Depending on the communication style of your market, you can develop a whole range of promotional materials, including a web-based product map, or a nicely designed set of printed materials. Organize your back-end email autoresponders so that after someone buys a product or program which solves a specific problem, they will be invited (in a non-pushy and genuine way) to the next set of free information/paid offerings in the natural path of their journey.

Full post here.


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