10 Free Social Media Tools For PR

Here are 10 great social media tools for PR professionals, thanks to Social Media Today. Can’t say I’ve used them all – so I’ll definitely be checking them out.

  1. AllTop – An online magazine rack for some of the best blogs going around, broken down by subject and gives you direct access to the topics/authors you are interested in.
    PR Value: Not sure about which blogs are prominent in which sector? This is a great place to start.
  2. Social Mention – A really compact an easy-to-use monitoring tool. Though not the most robust, apparently, it can still give a pretty decent look at brand/subject mentions across blogs, microblogs, video sharing sites, social networks and much more.
    PR Value: Provides a quick reference look at what’s recently been said about your subject of interest.
  3. Bing real-time Twitter search – Great way of seeing what’s hot / trending at any particular time. The beauty of this service is that it features real-time snippets of the most shared links in relation to the subject you are interested in. And, it all occurs in real-time.
    PR Value: It allows you to get the source of popular discussions, allowing you to trace it’s development.
  4. Klout – Although it’s dangerous to get too caught up in the ‘influencer’ debate, this tool is probably as close as you’ll get to getting an idea of who is driving which conversations. Not every single social media user has signed up to Klout so you may miss a few people, but chances are you’ll get a decent picture of the scene you’re interested in.
    PR Value: This will allow you to identify some of the key conversations drivers in the areas you are interested in.
  5. BackTweets – This is a really neat and easy-to-use tool. Simply enter a URL into the search bar and it will provide you with a list with every tweet that has ever contained a link / reference to that website.
    PR Value: If you are running a campaign and want to see how much traffic has been driven to the ‘target’ of your activity, type it in here and you’ll get an idea of how much that site address is being shared.
  6. Wordle – If you haven’t heard of this one, I guarantee it’ll become a favourite pretty quickly. Wordle creates ‘word clouds’ based on the content of a blog / any site with an RSS feed (not sure what an RSS feed is, click here)
    PR Value: Want to creatively present what a blog is all about? This does it for you in seconds. Especially useful if you want to get a quick overview about what a blogger writes / is passionate about.
  7. Google Trends – Google Trends will display the frequency in which a topic / subject is mentioned in chronological and country-by-country order.
    PR Value: Planning on launching an activity? Run a quick search to see which time of year the world is talking about that subject the most.
  8. BlogPulse – As far as blog specific search tools go, this one is right up there…and probably shades Google’s Blog search on some areas. Very handy.
    PR Value: See who is writing about your brand or subject of interest in a flash.
  9. Alexa – If you want to get a handle on the DNA of a website or Blog, this is a good place to start. It will tell you how much traffic a site gets, where that traffic is coming from, whether it is gaining more traction etc.
    PR Value: Check how a site / blog you’re looking after if going. Check on the competition. See where you need to focus more effort. Again, very handy.
  10. SWiX – If you only use one tool a day, try and make it this one. It is a really (really!) simple way of tracking activity across all of your social networks / platforms.
    PR Value: At-a-glance intelligence, lovely.

2 thoughts on “10 Free Social Media Tools For PR

  1. I love that you’ve considered the PR value inside of these services. Great idea.

    Additional PR value for BackTweets: subscribing to an RSS feed for the link you posted.

    Also, they’re working on a pro version that’s going to have the capacity to deliver URL history, site pages, and audience profiles.

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