Social Networking and Personal Branding

I know this is pretty much accepted as conventional wisdom, but I thought I’d put it down here anyway.

Social Networking – both offline and online – remains a vital tool in personal brand management.

As an example, I just found out enough about an incoming personnel both good and bad (unfortunately, it was mostly bad) – to have already formed my first impression. This means, the person will be coming in and, unknowingly, having to prove themselves already.

Is this good or bad? I don’t know – I only know that this is how things work.

It used to be what you know.

But then, it’s also who you know.

Now, you need to also think about who knows you… and what they know about you.

Hence, your personal brand: What you know < Whom you know < Who knows you < What they know about you.



2 thoughts on “Social Networking and Personal Branding

  1. I just joined up a new site called FLAVOURS. Seems to be a good place to put all of your stuff in one place, with a view to promoting your own ‘personal brand’. If personal branding is as important as everyone seems to say it is – sites like this will be everywhere VERY soon.

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