Busy Schedule Up Ahead

Hi there everyone. Just wanted to shoot out a quick post to apologise for the lack of updates. I’ve been really, really, really swamped recently and may be so for a few months ahead.

Presently, I’m swamped with:

  • Working on communications, PR and branding for an integration between two large organisations
  • Helping long-time friend launch a new product
  • Helping a health professional embark on building her own practice and personal brand
  • Helping another friend market their restaurant (otherwise, I’ll lose an important source of great food if they ever have to close down!)
  • Helping a separate group of friends to launch their business’ website and branding

(Sigh – no rest for the wicked!)

As such, postings will be somewhat sporadic until stabilise a little more.

I will still be posting on Twitter (well, sharing/RT-ing stories of interest) so feel free to follow me there. Otherwise, you can subscribe to this blog so that you know when things are updated. You can also keep in touch with me on LinkedIn, if you’d like.

Have a good one!


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