In A Complex Situation

I’ve been in a series of meetings over the past few weeks where I’ve come face-to-face with truly how complex a situation can be – whether it is an organization or the issue at hand. Here’s what I’ve learned: In a complex situation, people tend to simplify.

The brain thinks in terms of {constructs} – struggling to find some sort of method to the madness, or order out of chaos.

So, they adapt accordingly by:

  1. Compartmentalizing things – or working out of silos
  2. Resolutely focusing – which means they also ignore everything else
  3. Telling a story – to link all the complex moving parts to make some coherent sense of things.

If your brand, situation, organization is far too complex – you can bet that your audience will tend to rely on one of these coping strategies. The questions to ask, then, are: 1) Which strategy would be to your advantage? and 2) How can you ensure you guide them to that and make the most out of it?


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