Carlsberg Puts Friends To The Test

I like this – less so because it’s a cute, viral-worthy ad; but more so because it weaves in so nicely to the brand’s positioning statement, “That calls for a Carlsberg.” It goes back to what I saying last week about how it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. It’s less about communicating the product, and more about communicating what the product stands for – the feelings behind that (Beer, after all, has always been more about whom you drink it with rather than just how it tastes).

The premise: Carlsberg set up an elaborate prank where young men made desperate phone calls for help to their best friends, in the middle of the night – between 1am and 5am. Would their friends go out and help?

Would you go and help, if you received a call like that?

(I like also how the campaign ties in to a social networking element: where Facebook users can also find out whether their friends would help them in the same way. Check it out here.)

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