Starting My Trip With Uber


Several months ago, I received an unexpected phone call. It was from recruiter inviting me to consider a role at Uber. While I wasn’t looking for new opportunities at the time, I was certainly intrigued. Three weeks later, I was told that Uber had made their choice: I was their new Head of Communications for Singapore and Malaysia.

It came somewhat surprisingly (and also ironically – I wasn’t exactly thrilled at their rebranding; so maybe this is an opportunity to “be the change you want to see”). Nonetheless, it is definitely a very compelling opportunity! I am thrilled to work with one of the most influential brands in the world today. Uber is literally changing the way we live. Since its inception in 2009, just 7 years ago, the company has changed the way people move*; it has hyper-connected locations; and it is revolutionizing business strategy (I mean, how many times have we wondered about which business would be “Uber-ed” next? “Uber-ed” is now part of the business lexicon!).

On one of my coolest Uber rides to date: Sha showed up in a bright red VW Golf GTI wearing driving gloves!
On one of my coolest Uber rides to date: Sha showed up in a bright red VW Golf GTI wearing driving gloves!

In this role, I will lead communications for both Singapore and Malaysia – focusing on brand building and storytelling for Uber to media and third parties. This means looking for compelling ways to show and tell how Uber is transforming the way people get around; giving folks an option for independent, flexible work; as well as cutting urban congestion by getting more butts into fewer cars. I’ll be driving campaigns and making a positive case for reform through creative and strategic storytelling across multiple platforms – traditional and digital, earned and owned.

On a personal front, this has also necessitated a move for my family and I to Singapore. So, bear with me if I’m a little uncommunicative during this transition period. Obviously, this is going to be more than a “just go to the new office on Monday morning for work”.

Well, here we go. Wish us luck!

(*Ahem* – Shameless plug ahead: Want to find experience more about what I’m talking about? Score your first ride free: enter “uberleighwong” when you sign up as a new Uber user.)

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