Malaysia PM Najib Razak Recommends Uber


Okay, I won’t lie to you – but I was absolutely proud of the #PRWin we pulled off when Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak, during his televised Budget 2017 presentation to the country, recommended Uber as a way for Malaysians in the “B40” category (bottom 40% of households with monthly income of RM3,900 and below) to earn additional income.

He said, “To assist the B40 group, especially BR1M (Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia) recipients, to generate additional income, the government will encourage their participation as ride-sharing drivers such as Uber drivers, particularly those who own vehicles.”

This was particularly amazing to us because:

  • Ridesharing regulations in Malaysia have yet to be passed, yet we are already receiving endorsements from the highest levels of the Malaysian government that ridesharing is here to stay!
  • This clearly shows that the Government recognises how Uber can contribute to lifting people up economically by providing them flexible earning opportunities.
  • PM Najib Razak specifically mentioned Uber (and even used our logo as a visual aid), instead of our competitor (which claims to be the local player), as an example to expound on.

This is the latest achievement in a string of high-level Government endorsements for Uber in a country where there haven’t been formal ridesharing regulations yet. Previous endorsements have included:


  • (Jun 2016) Tan Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, former Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department and minister in charge of the Economic Planning Unit, trying his hand as a driver-partner with Uber, in his first public appearance since his term as senator ended.
Photo Credit: The Edge Markets (story here)


We’re chuffed at the momentum we’re seeing from the Malaysian government. We’re definitely looking forward to the journey ahead towards regulations!

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