May we love who we were, while hardly recognizing ourselves

At a rather boring New Year’s party, circa 10 years ago.

As we close out 2016, I came across the blog of Donald Miller, author of Blue Like Jazz (which I haven’t read, but am now looking forward to), as I meandered across the interwebs.

 I really liked this thoughts about ever growing and changing; well-encapsulated by this quote:

Ten years from now, may we all look back and love who we were while hardly recognizing them.

Donald writes about not being the same person who wrote Blue Like Jazz… and about that being perfectly okay.

Life happens. Time moves. We grow.

Just as things should be.

If I haven’t changed, something is drastically wrong.

People are designed to grow and if they don’t it’s because something’s wrong.

There are forces in the world that do not want you to grow, change or get stronger. A variety of motives cause this resistance, but regardless, it must be fought.

God designed you to grow from a baby to a child to a teenager to an adult and even after you’re an adult you’re designed to continue learning about God, about love, about each other and about yourself. Not a day goes by when we aren’t given the opportunity to become a better person. Why in the world would anybody want to stay the same?

Indeed. Why would anybody want to stay the same?

Here’s to always growing and ever changing.

May we all look back – whether 10, 15 or even 20 years from now – and love who we were, while hardly recognizing them.

Happy new year 2017!

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