Meet Mdm Teo, 70, UberEATS Singapore Delivery Partner

It was a real pleasure to help tell Mdm. Teo’s story. Her story, attitude, and personality is inspiring! It’s also a great testament to the company I work with – that we truly believe in providing flexible earning opportunities to as many people as possible!

“I applied to be a cashier at a convenience store and as a dishwasher, but none of (the companies) got back to me… It’s wonderful that (UberEATS) does not discriminate against the elderly… Some relatives and friends say I am so old, I should just enjoy the good life and look after my grandchildren. Others say they are old and useless and they can’t do this. But age doesn’t determine what you can or cannot do. Anything is possible if you want to do it. I am happy to do this for as long as possible because I feel younger and more alert when I move around.”

We broke the story through The Straits Times, who not only covered it extensively in print (with a cover mention!) and digital; they also did a video story about her which – to say the least – is currently going rather viral right now. As of this writing, the Facebook video has, in 2 days, achieved:

  • 455,000+ Views
  • 10,000+ Reactions
  • 780 Comments – majority of which are positive!

We then followed up with a story on Mashable – which was noticed by CEO Travis Kalanick who shared it on Facebook!

A huge word of thanks to Mdm. Teo who graciously made time for the media to speak with her!

I hope that I can be half as chic and healthy (note to self) as she is when I’m 70.

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