Meet Mdm Teo, 70, UberEATS Singapore Delivery Partner

It was a real pleasure to help tell Mdm. Teo’s story. Her story, attitude, and personality is inspiring! It’s also a great testament to the company I work with – that we truly believe in providing flexible earning opportunities to as many people as possible!

“I applied to be a cashier at a convenience store and as a dishwasher, but none of (the companies) got back to me… It’s wonderful that (UberEATS) does not discriminate against the elderly… Some relatives and friends say I am so old, I should just enjoy the good life and look after my grandchildren. Others say they are old and useless and they can’t do this. But age doesn’t determine what you can or cannot do. Anything is possible if you want to do it. I am happy to do this for as long as possible because I feel younger and more alert when I move around.”

We broke the story through The Straits Times, who not only covered it extensively in print (with a cover mention!) and digital; they also did a video story about her which – to say the least – is currently going rather viral right now. As of this writing, the Facebook video has, in 2 days, achieved:

  • 455,000+ Views
  • 10,000+ Reactions
  • 780 Comments – majority of which are positive!

We then followed up with a story on Mashable – which was noticed by CEO Travis Kalanick who shared it on Facebook!

A huge word of thanks to Mdm. Teo who graciously made time for the media to speak with her!

I hope that I can be half as chic and healthy (note to self) as she is when I’m 70.


Bringing the choice of mobility at the touch of a button to blind Malaysians


L-R: Me; Moses Choo, Executive Director, National Council of the Blind, Malaysia; and Leon Foong, General Manager, Uber Malaysia. Photo credit: Sin Chew Online.

This past week, I was proud to help announce how Uber is helping blind Malaysians enjoy the power of mobility at the touch of a button, through a partnership with the National Council of the Blind, Malaysia.

Through this partnership, we will work with the NCBM to organise special training sessions for driver-partners on how to serve blind riders better as well as provide NCBM’s over 200 members with free rides.

I was especially blown away NCBM executive director Moses Choo, whom I personally think was a better spokesperson for Uber than even our own spokespersons! He passionately shared about how blind Malaysians have typically needed to rely on others for their transportation needs but with ridesharing services, they are able to get to work or visit friends independently.

Moses said, “I have been using Uber for about two years and it has met accessibility standards. I really appreciate the cashless mode of payment as being visually impaired, differentiating certain Ringgit notes which have similar colours such as the RM20 and RM10 can be confusing. I also like the digital receipts that would be sent via email which means making claims is a breeze.”

Moses also shared how blind users can get the hang of the smartphone accessibility options such as VoiceOver for iOS and TalkBack on Android in no time. Riders who are blind or have low vision could also share their journey details including specific routes and estimated time of arrival with family or friends for peace of mind.

Now, this is more of the kind of life-changing technology that I signed up for!

James Altucher: 15 Essential Skills They Don’t Teach You In College


I came across this via James Altucher’s blog on Medium. This is particularly timely for me on multiple levels:

  • I’m currently at a point in my life where I have the opportunity to reboot certain parts of my life
  • I’ve been thinking about this as my kids get older and are preparing themselves for higher education
  • I have been thinking about how to continually level up as my responsibilities as a leader at work grow

(I don’t subscribe to the growing sentiment that college is unnecessary (James’ argument, Forbes story), but I do understand it. My thoughts lean more towards pursuing a college degree, but that’s a blog post for another day.)

For now, though, a lot of what James has outlined in the infographic rings true and is applicable not just during one’s “college years” but throughout life.

So, thanks James! I’m leaving this here as a reminder of the things I need to think about while pursuing lifelong learning.

Read James’ full blog on this here.

Wishing You A Prosperous Chinese New Year 2017! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Here’s wishing you a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year for 2017! May it be filled with laughter, joy and prosperity in this Year of The Rooster! Perhaps most important of all, may you be blessed with wonderful family reunions and the strengthening of ties with family and loved ones… perhaps, the most important blessing of all.

This year is the first year in a long, long time – and definitely the first time ever since I’ve had a family of my own – that I’ve had to make plans and travel back to “home” to celebrate Chinese New Year. I recently took up a new job that required me to move, which has necessitated this new set of considerations to ensure that I am home for family reunions (similar to the American Thanksgiving celebration).

This has really underscored for me the importance of family. It’s too easy to defer these plans citing cost, time and logistical considerations (lugging multiple young children through the airport is not something any parent looks forward to). Logically, there could be very little reason to make the effort… but life is hardly logical.

This year, as per my annual effort, I present one of my favourite corporate/brand Chinese New Year greetings. This year’s comes from Uber Singapore with a lovely little short film that really resonates with me. It reminds us about the need to make an effort to maintain the ties that bind; especially when one is in the midst of the rat race.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

(Another notable effort is this one by JetStar – which I love because of the “real action” behind it. Of course, I still maintain that this my favorite Chinese New Year greeting commercial/TVC of all time by the beloved, and irreplaceable, Yasmin Ahmad, Malaysia’s darling storyteller.)

May happiness, wealth and prosperity follow you and your loved ones throughout the rest of the year! If you are traveling, please arrive safely.

新 年 快 乐, 万 事 如 意! 恭 喜 发 财!

Resource: Free Book Summaries


In the course of figuring something out, I came across some helpful free book summary resources. I’m putting this here to share them with you, and as a bookmark for myself. 🙂

  • Deconstructing Excellence – A good start with free, detailed, and high quality summaries that incorporates other books and online resources related to the authors’ points. Summaries average 8-12 pages.
  • Actionable Books – Not comprehensive, but quite user-friendly. Helpful for browsing if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for.
  • Derek Sivers – Books I’ve read – Derek Sivers’ notes on the books he read. Notes are free form and not in a summary format; but there’s a good number of books covered.
  • WikiSummaries – An average selection of books from multiple genres. Given that it’s a wiki, your mileage may vary.
  • Book Video Club – Helpful video summaries. It isn’t able to go into detail, but the videos are decent in quality and cover the main points.