Worst Client Comments Turned Into Posters

Here’s to a light-hearted Friday!

I’ve worked on both sides of the divide before – I’ve been on the agency/consultant side as well as the client side. So, this came across as particularly funny – and also a stark reminder of “Kill me if I ever say these things…” critical self-awareness.

The full gallery is here, but these are my favorite ones (which I “may or may not” have encountered before!):

Wealth Inequality In America – The power of illustration, storytelling, simplicity

As I write this, the Wealth Inequality in America video has already garnered over 9.8 million views, since it was first published in November 2012.

I was drawn to highlight this video because I thought it was a great example of how to present a smorgasbord of numbers in a compelling, captivating way. Having recently presented on statistical findings, I know there is a huge challenge in conveying data point after data point while trying to avoid “death by PowerPoint”: riddling one’s presentation with bullets or blinding people with slide after slide of charts.

Here, the Wealth Inequality in America excels, kept to three important principles:

  1. Illustration – The main idea was conveyed very powerfully through illustrating just how much inequality existed. When it arranged the depictions of wealth into comparative stacks of cash, one could clearly see just how far apart the wealthiest Americans were compared to the poorest.
  2. Storytelling – Yes, it is entirely possible to convey statistical data through effective storytelling! In the case of this video, this was particularly true when it highlighted the vast difference between what a CEO makes compared to its average employees.
  3. Simplicity – Above all, the video sought very hard to keep things simple. You could see how the video tried to “make sense” of the numbers by illustrating them using terms that people could easily grasp and understand.


By using these three principles, they created a video that powerfully conveyed its message. Coupled with a format that was particularly effective to share from – they had a very share-worthy video.

It’s not always easy, but done well, it’s very effective!

Lego Calendar by Vitamins

DNP Lego calendar syncs with Google Calendar, makes barefoot runs to the office kitchen treacherous

This was a rather awesome and cute way of rethinking the calendar and collaboration.

Using my favourite things: Lego (I really *love* that you can have your own Lego avatar on the team calendar) and web-based technology, the team at Vitamin Studios brought together a wonderful organizational calendar that marries together many seemingly contrasting things:

  • Online and offline
  • Digital and physical
  • Fun and serious
  • Tactile and visual
  • Captures relatively complex timelines and still simple to understand

This might make a great family calendar for me, now! 🙂

The Ultimate Guide To Business Cards – Print & Design (Infographic)

Here’s a really cool infographic by Businesscards.com developed with the main intention to address the common disconnects in branding projects between less technical small business owners and the graphic designers that they hire.

This really helpful guide is meant to walk business owners through the points in the creative process where they are likely to struggle the most.

Click here for the original link to the infographic.