Adweek’s 10 Best Commercials of 2011

Adweek listed 10 of its favorite commercials from 2011. Interesting list – but here are my favorites:

Nissan Leaf – Gas Powered Everything

I especially like how they take the concept, “What if everything ran on gas?” and apply ad absurdum to prove its point in the end.


Dead Island  – Official Announcement Trailer

This is the first time I’ve seen how a video game can evoke emotions!


Google – Dear Sophie

This is how you humanize technology… by showing me how it makes me more human.


Chrysler – Born of Fire

I really like the *attitude* behind this – sometimes, a brand really does need some attititude. Other highlights include the kicking copy at the end: “Imported from Detroit”.


Chipotle – Back To The Start

A nice little bit of stop-motion animation coupled with a well-selected song – and a wonderfully thought-provoking message reinforce Chipotle’s brand values.


Volkswagen – The Force

This was really was quite cute – to the point that it became a viral hit over social networks.


Which of the 10 did you like? Check out the full list of 10 along with Adweek’s commentary here.

Nike’s “No Excuses” TVC

My brother has been mocking me with this ad every time the subject of exercising/working out comes up. 🙂 I’d offer him a witty comeback – but I just can’t seem to argue against the inspiring example of Matt Scott.

It’s a well-written ad – hitting directly on Nike’s target audience while also embodying perfectly the brand’s credo to “Just Do It.”

Guess I’ll go jump into the pool or hit the gym or something now…

Air Asia Ad By Neil French (And The Lost Art Of Long-Copy Ads)

As a copywriter, I believe the art of long-copy ads has been lost. There are many reasons for this – of which three stand out:

  1. the bias towards visual-driven ads because of the underlying belief that “a picture (especially a pretty one!) is worth a thousand words”;
  2. the lack of courage of both agencies and clients in believing that their audiences/customers are more intelligent than they give them credit for; and
  3. it’s really difficult to come up with a long-copy ad!!!

So, it was rather refreshing to come across this long-copy ad by legendary ad man Neil French for client Air Asia – a leading budget air carrier based in Malaysia.