Infographic: Knowledge Vs. Experience


I saw this making its rounds on various social media timelines – and I thought it was pretty much spot-on.

Although, I would also use “data” and “information” almost interchangeably with knowledge as well. Besides “experience”, I think the image on the right can also represent “wisdom”, “analysis” and/or “insight”… you get my drift.

My point is this: there is more than enough data/knowledge readily available at one’s fingertips today. For the ordinary person, between your favorite search engine and Wikipedia, there’s more than enough knowledge to inundate you for a lifetime. From there, the scale just grows exponentially to incorporate all sorts of data/knowledge/information.

It’s what you do with that data/knowledge on the other hand is where the real money is.

Hence trends like Big Data (aside: I like this easy definition of Big Data, i.e. “The Three V’s of Big Data: Volume, Variety and Velocity”), social media tracking, and the like.