A Helpful 3-step Web Asset Strategy

Got this from that free e-book on what should the hub of your social media marketing be, which I recently read. Although the person quoted, Mike Sweeney (managing partner, Right Source Marketing) didn’t exactly phrase it as a “web asset strategy”, it’s still a great way to view how best to use your web assets.

Our website tells people what we do.

Our blog tells people how we think.

Our presence n social media properties – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – serves as a distribution engine for the content produced on both the site and blog.


What Is The Hub Of Social Media Marketing? (Seth Godin’s Answer)

I was reading this free e-book, Why Your Blog Is Your Social Media Hub, by Debbie Weil, the author of The Corporate Blogging Book. The e-book contains the responses of 32 experts to the question of whether one’s blog was truly the hub of one’s social media initiatives.

Out of the many the many answers that I read (which included everything from “yes”, to “no”, and everything else in the middle), my favourite was by my all-time marketing guru hero, Seth Godin, who said:

The hub of social media marketing is products and services worth talking about.

Yes, yes, and amen!

4 Tips To Writing SEO-Friendly Blog Posts (via Mashable)

When you write blog posts, it’s not just about writing for human readers – you also have to consider how search engines seek out relevant results based on the key words you use in your blog post. Since most would-be readers use search engines to find blog posts, you need to make sure that Google ranks your site highly when those readers search for terms related to your business and the content you’re writing.

Here are four tips on how to write SEO-friendly blog posts courtesy of Mashable:

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