The Ultimate Guide To Business Cards – Print & Design (Infographic)

Here’s a really cool infographic by developed with the main intention to address the common disconnects in branding projects between less technical small business owners and the graphic designers that they hire.

This really helpful guide is meant to walk business owners through the points in the creative process where they are likely to struggle the most.

Click here for the original link to the infographic.

The Periodic Table of Business Cards (Infographic) is turning out to be a great resource for all things related to business cards! Check out this infographic of a Periodic table of Business Cards! Clever and fun to look around at some great business card ideas out there!

Click here to go to the actual, interactive infographic


How Does Offset Printing Work

I stumbled across this via my Twitter feed, which led me to the original post here at

It’s a great way to explain to laypersons how offset printing works and may be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered how business cards are produced this way. This, by the way, underscores why it is always better to explain things using graphics rather than wall after wall of words!

The original file was a single JPEG file making it somewhat unwieldy to view – so I converted it into a slideshow for myself and for easier viewing.