10 Questions Brands Should Never Stop Asking Themselves

I really like this reminder by Marc Kramer, via Forbes: 10 questions that brands should never stop asking themselves – regardless of how “old” or established they are. Keeping these questions in mind ensures that the brand remains aware and agile in responding to the rapid, continual changes of the marketplace.

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Businessweek’s Bootstrapping a Start Up Resources

Businessweek has a great, comprehensive (17 pages and counting!?) list of resources to help entrepreneurs bootstrap their business start up. Click here for the list.

I’ll try to scour through it and see what gems I can dig up for those of us interesting in branding, marketing and communications for budding businesses. Check back in!

Here are a few to start with:

5 Reasons Why Company Social Media Initiatives Fail

Via Social Media Today, here are five insights gleaned from the Inbound Marketing Summit on why companies fail in their social media initiatives:

1. They can’t talk about anything broader than their own products
2. They listen to customers but don’t take any action
3. They aren’t calibrated internally with the technology
4. They’re not framing risk accurately
5. Their internal culture isn’t aligned for social media success

Full article and insights here.