5+1 Social Media Marketing Myths

In investigating and dealing with those who have been interested to jump on to the Social Media bandwagon, it’s interesting to come across an article that serves as a good Devil’s Advocate to all the hype. I’ve come across various iterations of the following myths. So, it was nice to discover the following Businessweek article which helped dispel some of these:  Beware Social Media Marketing Myths. Here are the five myths (plus 1 bonus one!) for your consideration:

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Businessweek’s Bootstrapping a Start Up Resources

Businessweek has a great, comprehensive (17 pages and counting!?) list of resources to help entrepreneurs bootstrap their business start up. Click here for the list.

I’ll try to scour through it and see what gems I can dig up for those of us interesting in branding, marketing and communications for budding businesses. Check back in!

Here are a few to start with: