Thank you Public Affairs Asia, For The Shoutout!

My sincere appreciation to the team at Public Affairs Asia for highlighting my latest career move; as Netflix’s Head of Corporate Communications for Southeast Asia.

I’m was especially amused that you’ve called the announcement on my blog as, “one of the most innovative appointment announcements” you’ve come across. 🙂

Read the story here.

Leigh Public Affairs Asia Feature

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Now showing: Head of Communications – Southeast Asia, Netflix

I’m thrilled to announce that, earlier this week, I started my new role at Netflix as Head of Communications – Southeast Asia, based out of Singapore.

In this role, I will report to the Vice President of Communications – Asia, and be part of a team to help to formulate, execute and sustain a global communications strategy for Netflix in the Asia region. I will also focus specifically on corporate and policy communications issues.

It’s really quite exciting, though somewhat surreal, to be working at Netflix. I mean, I still remember Netflix back in college (showing my age here!) when it was still mailing DVDs! Since then, I’ve watched how it’s pivoted – successfully – to become a leader in technology and entertainment today!

What really got me excited about working at Netflix was discovering its Culture Memo – which I first encountered several years ago (as a slide deck). I get why it was hailed as “the most important document ever to come out of the Valley“; and believe this is the “secret sauce” to the company’s ability to pivot successfully, again and again.

The Culture Memo lit a fire in my belly – it felt like I was screaming “YES” to a lot of things, like: “People Over Process,” “Working In A Dream Team,” and “Freedom & Responsibility.” It also crystalized my thoughts and gave me the language to appreciate how lucky I have been to have great leaders, managers and mentors throughout my career who have embodied these principles, which resonate so meaningfully with me.

It’s a privilege to now have this opportunity to play my part in making Netflix more of a hit here in Asia!

Well, wish me luck… #onwards!

Starting My Trip As Uber’s Head Of Communications For Southeast Asia


Just a little over a year ago, I started my trip at Uber to lead communications for Singapore and Malaysia. A lot happened and I was proud to notch several key wins within my first year.

Now, one year later, I begin the next leg of my trip with Uber!

Following a search that included internal and external candidates, I’m superpumped to begin my new role as Head of Communications for Southeast Asia. In this role, I will be responsible for the Communications teams based out of Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

I am thrilled to grow my career in one of the most exciting companies on the planet! Even with everything that has recently happened – the truth is, we’ve only just begun. As a company, we are making definitive progress as we continue to focus on profitability. In Southeast Asia, there is so much more potential to realise even when you consider our transport and UberEATS businesses alone!

We will focus on growing Uber as a sustainable business in the region: serving riders and consumers; driver-, delivery-, and restaurant-partners; as well as other key stakeholders – by helping Southeast Asia’s cities unlock growth and mobility with Uber’s smart innovation.

Are we there yet? Do we have everything figured out?

Like I said, we’ve only just begun.

Some of the most enduring and respected companies of our time have gone through their own version of a ‘redemption journey’ – and it is a privilege to play a role in this chapter of Uber’s story.

Here’s to the exciting ride ahead!


Reflecting On A Great First Year At Uber


In what feels like a blink of an eye, one year has passed since I started my trip with Uber (or, in Uber-speak, this is my first Uberversary)!

At my interview, I said I wanted to join the most interesting company in the world… and, boy, what a breathtaking ride it’s been so far!

I’ve been blessed with amazing colleagues, and we are working together to solve some of the most interesting problems in the world today. Some of these opportunities are unprecedented and groundbreaking; we’re writing the playbooks as we go along because there are none. Some of these opportunities also defy convention – we’re rewriting the rules that have long been overdue for an overhaul.

Among some of my proudest moments in the past year alone has been:

There’s a whole lot more, for sure. It’s practically been an adventure from week to week. Nonetheless, it’s been a 6-star ride so far and I’m looking forward to what’s next. Here’s to more Uberversaries ahead!