[Quote] The Brand Is Everything… – WildCATS 3.0


As a comic-book fan, I never thought I’d take away a business lesson from comics – but here you go!

This came from WildCATS 3.0 issue 1, written by Joe Casey:

The brand is everything. It is both the information we want to communicate to the world and the information we communicate despite ourselves.

Love it!

(For a good analysis on the Casey’s under-appreciated run on WildCATS, read this: WildCATS 3.0: A Look Back at a Comic Too Far Ahead of Its Time)


Bizarro – Forget Your Leaders, Take Us To Your Policy-Makers And Speechwriters


I cut this out of a newspaper many, many years ago in my first job as a communication strategist, in a boutique government think-tank. (You can even see how the newsprint paper has yellowed/browned over time!)

What can I say? It encouraged me!

Here’s to the communicators of the world!

Animated GIFs for Famous Comic Book Covers

(Here’s a light, fun one for Friday)

Okay… this may only appeal to the comic book geek in me. Comics creator Kerry Callen created four GIFs of classic comic book covers, injecting them with animation.

Apart from the sheer act of design love, it certainly revisits the concept of rich media and how it has impacted the publishing industry.

My favorite (and not just because Batman is my favorite comic book character):