The Power Of Pull – Steve Rubel

Steve Rubel blogs about the power of pull marketing (The Power of Pull), especially in light of the way social media and the internet is changing consumer behaviours today. Essentially, Steve makes the case for stronger pull marketing, compared to the traditional strategies of push marketing… and gives three ideas on how to achieve that:

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15 Copywriting Formulas

I got this via Pro Copy TipsAIDA and 14 secret copywriting formulas.

Gosh, I didn’t know there were so many! My recommendation is to basically stick to one that’s clear, concise and which works for you. I personally prefer to stick with AIDA. (All 15 tips after the jump)

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9 Ways To Write Headlines That Work!

I’m becoming a big fan of Copyblogger! I was moseying around his site when I came across this great article: 9 Proven Headline Formulas That Sell Like Crazy. Having been in a variety of writing/editing roles in the past (copywriter, PR manager, editor, corporate “go to” guy for the English language), I thought these were pretty spot on (examples of how in the full article here):
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Discovering CopyBlogger

I just discovered (I know, I’m slow) CopyBlogger.

I really haven’t had the luxury of delving further into his work yet, but here are the few I’ve started with. More thoughts as I plow through…

Writing: Hook, Line, Sinker

A long time ago, I wrote that good copywriting (any writing, in fact) is like using a fishing reel – you’ve got to have a hook, a line and a sinker:

  • HOOK: Good copy will first hook the audience – catch their attention and engage them
  • LINE: Good copy threads them along – it is interesting and engaging enough for them to follow through the rest of the copy.
  • SINKER: Good copy, finally, has a sinker – it spurs your audience to action.

Thank you, Seth Godin, for the refresher:

The first goal of copy is to get you to read more copy.

The second goal is to tell a story that spreads.

And then, finally, to have that story get people to take action.