Animated GIFs for Famous Comic Book Covers

(Here’s a light, fun one for Friday)

Okay… this may only appeal to the comic book geek in me. Comics creator Kerry Callen created four GIFs of classic comic book covers, injecting them with animation.

Apart from the sheer act of design love, it certainly revisits the concept of rich media and how it has impacted the publishing industry.

My favorite (and not just because Batman is my favorite comic book character):


Lighting The World One Liter At A Time

This was making its rounds on my Facebook timeline several times before I finally decided to take the time to watch the video… and wow, was I blown away!!! The ingenuity and the intent behind this innovation is truly inspiring!

Without spoiling too much, the video shows how a man nicknamed “Solar Demi” from Sitio Maligaya, Philippines brings light to many with a simple contraption involving a plastic bottle, water and some bleach. Like many commentators, I also initially thought it was going to be a Pepsi ad – but then again, even if it isn’t, if I were Pepsi, I would definitely go do something about it!

(How is this not on a TED talk already?!)

The video is as below:

Here’s a news report on the innovation and the movement:

Finally, and most importantly, please check out their site and see if you can help support a great cause. You can also find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here (@aliteroflight):

Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light) –

Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light), is a sustainable lighting project which aims to bring the eco-friendly Solar Bottle Bulb to disprivileged communities nationwide. Designed and developed by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Solar Bottle Bulb is based on the principles of Appropriate Technologies – a concept that provides simple and easily replicable technologies that address basic needs in developing communities.

The Periodic Table of Business Cards (Infographic) is turning out to be a great resource for all things related to business cards! Check out this infographic of a Periodic table of Business Cards! Clever and fun to look around at some great business card ideas out there!

Click here to go to the actual, interactive infographic


How Does Offset Printing Work

I stumbled across this via my Twitter feed, which led me to the original post here at

It’s a great way to explain to laypersons how offset printing works and may be of interest to anyone who has ever wondered how business cards are produced this way. This, by the way, underscores why it is always better to explain things using graphics rather than wall after wall of words!

The original file was a single JPEG file making it somewhat unwieldy to view – so I converted it into a slideshow for myself and for easier viewing.