Shell We Move? – Suumo

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This was making its rounds on social media – clearly, as a testament to the viral nature of project.

Suumo is the biggest real estate information agent in Japan. Suumo was looking to build brand leadership when its agency HAKUHODO Kettle Tokyo challenged the company to meet the needs of a very unusual customer – the hermit crab.

The resulting initiative was called, “Shell We Move?

The initiative was a collaborative between Suumo and Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology to develop the perfect house for hermit crabs; especially since suitable seashells for hermit crab use were dwindling in Japan due to environmental degradation. The resulting solution was not only effective for the brand (increased purchase intention for the brand to 120%), it was also a useful and impactful, environmentally-friendly solution.

The alignment to the brand proposition was perfect – hermit crabs are famous for being the “masters of living,” who keep seeking the comfortable houses throughout their entire lives. Suumo was then poised to provide new comfortable houses for some of the most challenging customers in the world – and even turn them into unwitting brand advocates.

A short version of the case study (in English) can be viewed here:

A more comprehensive video case study (in Japanese, with English subtitles) is available here:


What Happens In An Internet Minute

I saw this from a friend’s link over at LinkedInIn 1 Minute: All The Things That Happen On The Interwebs Every Sixty Seconds.

Thought it would be astounding to really take stock of what happens in a single minute online, especially when you start extrapolating for the day, then the month, then the year… etc.

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How Digital & Social Media Changed The Way I Work

Yesterday, as I was plugging away at work, it suddenly dawned on me how things have utterly changed for me since the advent of digital and social media. So I tweeted, “Noticing in very real, concrete ways how digital and social media has utterly changed the way I work.”

And how have things changed? Off the top of my head, I can think of three ways my job as a Marketing/Public Relations/Communications specialist has changed:

  1. I hardly refer to physical newspapers any more, despite being the PR/Communications leader for my organisation. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a discussion on the validity or credibility of mainstream media vs. alternative/new/social/digital media… it’s about the physical function/value of a printed newspaper against what I can get from online/digital sources.
  2. I can, and I do, keep updated/abreast on the latest news, including for business and national issues, via social media more than any other source. My Twitter feed keeps me more updated and more up-to-date than other sources.
  3. I now think that the “traditional” measurement of PR ROI using Ad Equivalent Value (or worse, number of articles!) seems a little archaic and self-serving. I don’t think it’s a true measure of one’s brand and engagement. Just because you get a lot of coverage doesn’t mean it translates to positive branding or customer/audience engagement with your organisation… obviously, just look at the recent BP Oil Spill catastrophe off the Gulf Coast!

Have your jobs changed in real and concrete ways since Digital and Social Media? How?

Top 10 Social Media Presentations on Slideshare

I got this listing via Digital Buzz blog here and I’m sharing this here so that it serves as a convenient reference for me too. Enjoy!

P.S. Gotta love Slideshare!

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