Brian Solis Interviews Guy Kawasaki on Enchantment

Apple is an anti-social company” – so says Guy Kawasaki in this interview with Brian Solis. That, of course, kept me hooked!

I followed an incoming link to this blog that took me to this blog post on The Brandbuilder Blog featuring a video of Brian Solis interviewing Guy Kawasaki on the subject of Enchantment (also the title of his book). As a avid, life-long student on the art and science of influence – this interview was very insightful for me. Solis’ thoughts, concepts and articulation of social media infrastructure as well as Kawasaki’s take on influence makes for a very engaging video (you really don’t feel the 30-minute length!).

5 Ways To Be Persuasive

I’m an avid student (in fact, self-professed geek) of the art and science of persuasion. I’d go as far as to say that my infinite fascination with how to increase one’s influence is probably the main reason why I continue to be passionate about branding, marketing and communications!

Hence, this article by one of my respected “gurus”, Guy Kawasaki, provides 5 compelling ideas about how to become more persuasive. Apart from the 5 ways, there is an additional resource at the end of the article in the form of a free 5-minute interactive test at

Here are the 5 ways: Continue reading “5 Ways To Be Persuasive”

Lessons Learned From Guy Kawasaki

I have been reading Guy Kawasaki for many, many years. I appreciate his wisdom and insight when it comes to starting up a company, marketing (or “evangelising”) an idea, and communication in general. Guy always has a great load of insights and creative ways to talk about them too.

So, here’s another article from Sources of Insight that distills all the key lessons learned from Guy Kawasaki into 25 key lessons, top 10 quotes and additional resources.

Full article here.

Top 5 Twitter Trends To Track

Via MashableTop 5 Twitter Trends to Watch Right Now:

1. Big Bloggers Tweeting More, Blogging Less – More and more bloggers are tweeting instead of blogging.

Looking at the bigger picture, the trend is an important one to watch now that prolific bloggers with large audiences have been able to port those same audiences, attract new followers, and expand their reach on Twitter. Given the financial opportunities made available through Twitter ad platforms like IZEA’s Sponsored Tweets, bloggers, like Pirillo, can still profit in shorter form. This means we could see a shift in preferred mediums, with brevity potentially being more rewarding.

2. The Evolution of Twitter as a Platform – Twitter is moving away from just the personal, “we chatter,” and becoming heavily used by brands.

[Guy] Kawasaki says, “When the internet was young it was primarily personal websites, but it since became commercial, but not in a bad way. It became a platform. Twitter is emulating the internet, and isn’t just turning into a marketing platform, but simply becoming a platform used for multiple things.”

What was once just a place for conversation amongst friends has evolved into a vehicle where brands can set up shop and drive real business. He even believes Twitter has matured beyond the original expectations and use cases that its founders envisioned. Continue reading “Top 5 Twitter Trends To Track”