How to Go on the Offensive with Facebook

Great career advice from Guy Kawasaki, via American Express’ OPEN Forum: How to Go on the Offensive with Facebook. Check out the full article for great practical ideas as well.

The ultimate takeaway, in my opinion:

“…the defensive advice that experts are pedaling to “be careful what you put on your Facebook profile because recruiters may look at it” is ass-backwards. Instead, you should assume that organizations are checking you out (in fact, I blogged about a more efficient way to do this here) and use this to your advantage.

That is, rather than cleanse profiles in order to escape rejection, enlightened candidates will use Facebook profiles to market themselves—perhaps even asking to show their Facebook profiles in interviews. Think about what companies are looking for: bright, diligent, honest, well-rounded, socially-responsible, green, and connected people. Now imagine that you were giving a tour of your Facebook profile to a recruiter.”