Entrepreneurship Defined

This is one of the best definitions of entrepreneurship that I’ve ever come across:

Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.
– Prof. Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School

This applies even within the context of an organization, as an intrapreneur. It’s a simple 25-word definition pares entrepreneurship to its essence and explains why it’s so hard. And so addictive.

Full article from Inc.com,  What’s an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer.

Urgently Needed: Leaders With A Sense Of Urgency

John Kotter, über leadership and management guru of Harvard Business School and author of Leading Change and A Sense of Urgency, talks about how a sense of urgency is vital in leaders for today’s economic environment in an article I read from Inc.: John Kotter’s Urgent Message for Entrepreneurs

My 4 key takeaways:

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