Winning at the Microsoft Asia Communications Summit 2012!


So, I’m in Hanoi, Vietnam for my first ever Communications Summit with Microsoft. The Microsoft Asia Communications Summit is a gathering of the Communications professionals┬ácommunity from around the Asian region who meet annually to connect, share, learn, align (with each other and Corp) and, of course, have fun!

As part of the summit, there is also an opportunity to showcase and celebrate best-practices, via the Microsoft Newshound Awards, which recognize excellence in Communications from our global community of passionate and committed PR & Communications professionals.

So imagine my utter surprise that – just 4 months into the job – the award submission I entered netted The Headline Award, the highest PR award to be won for the Microsoft Asia Newshound Awards 2012!

Headline Award 2012

This award is definitely a Team Malaysia win – I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help:

  • The Legendary Asohan:┬áMy immediate predecessor, whose work I built on. Thanks for helping me have a great start to my career in Microsoft!
  • The Dedicated Dashika: I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing team member who is truly dedicated to success!
  • The Superior SWOT Communications Team: Edina, Ramesh and the rest – for your support and partnership in carrying our initiatives through!

This will definitely be a nice addition to the recently won Microsoft Asia Pacific Marketing Awards for PR as well!