How 10 Brands Came About

I’m currently doing some thinking on “brand storytelling” (more on that as it comes), and thought this was an interesting article via Graphic Design Blog on how 10 brands originated. It got me thinking about the evolution of a brand – from what it originally was to where it is today. If anything, it also makes for great introduction fodder during presentations!

Cool facts about how brands came about:

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16 Social Media Guidelines (By Real Companies)

I came across this list via Econsultancy. It’s very helpful to observe how some companies are coming to terms with social media by trying to “manage” their messaging via social media. Of course, the idea of whether it is possible to “manage the message” via social media (or whether one should even attempt to do so!) is wholly debatable. However, I believe anyone in the area of branding, marketing or communications cannot ignore social media and how your internal audience (i.e. your staff, colleagues, etc.) are helping you spread “the brand message” whether you like it or not. Hence, some measure of policy and guidelines may actually be helpful.

What are your thoughts after reading through some of the guidelines?