3 Tips For Internal Branding, Communication and Change Management

Adapting from this Harvard Business Review’s Management Tip Of The Day, here are three tips on how to spearhead and maintain internal branding, communication and change campaigns:

  1. Create Memorable Messages
    Have clear, memorable, succinct messages that are emotionally compelling and easily repeated. Oftentimes, this should also be linked to clear benefits to the audience members themselves. That way, they can be transferred to one another easily – think of it as starting your own internal viral, word-of-mouth marketing campaign.
  2. People Prefer Stories
    People will always be able to remember stories much better than facts or numbers. Create or share stories (such as by linking the campaign to an ongoing, larger narrative or using testimonials) that talk about or illustrate what you want to communicate.
  3. Have A Clear Call-To-Action
    It is not enough to just “sell” people onto the campaign – ultimately, for true buy-in, there must be a clear call-to-action so that the audience can participate and do their part for the campaign. Be clear about the action you want your people to take and ways they can start today. Once people know what they can do to help; oftentimes, they will do it.

These three tips interact with one another to create a sustained communication loop that feeds an ongoing campaign. This is particularly important since getting employees to rally around the brand; ensuring that internal messaging is disseminated effectively; and creating enduring change are not one-off events but rather an ongoing campaigns that require discipline and determination.