Jack Welch On The Role Of Leaders

Jack Welch, in this short video from 2015, expounds on what is the role of a leader.

This was the advice given by the legendary Jack Welch to 4,300 aspiring startup founders and CEO’s last week at TiECON, the largest entrepreneurship conference in Silicon Valley. Welch was speaking with his co-author and wife, Suzy Welch, to promote their new book, “The Real Life MBA,” the proceeds of which will go towards inner city scholarships.

While Welch is best known as former CEO of General Electric GE -0.99%, one of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, his advice about leadership resonated with the startup crowd. Welch himself never went down the startup path, but he was a great intrapreneur, having built GE’s Plastics and Chemical Divisions into $1 billion units. He is a cultivator of talent like no other in American history. According to Vivek Paul, a former CEO of Wipro and protégé of Welch, there are 50 CEO’s of large American companies who worked directly for Jack Welch at some point.

  • Chief Meaning Officer – “To let everyone in the place know: where you are going, why you are going there, and – most importantly – what’s in it for them to get there with you?”
  • Chief Declutterer – Get rid of the hurdles or bottlenecks so that your people can act and get what needs to be done, done.
  • Chief Celebrator Of Others – “You’ve got to have a generosity gene. It’s got to be in your body… You’ve got to enjoy people’s success.  You got to love people’s success. You’ve got to get in their skin and really be excited as hell for them! You’ve got a love to give raises, you’ve got to be turned on giving bonuses… it’s got to make you feel great!”
  • Chief Fun Officer – “Find all kinds of ways to win. There are small victories all the time and celebrate every one of them… find a way to make little victories big
    victories. And if you get a lot of little victories, you’ll get a big victory when you add them all together. But think of the job that way: work is fun, and your job is to make it fun, if you’re a leader. Don’t be some grinding horse’s ass!”

I especially like what he said at the end of the video – which, to me, sums up the privilege, honour and responsibility of what it means to be a leader:

So, in my view you’ve got a huge responsibility. Most of you – God gave you a job where you are responsible for people’s lives. It’s a big deal! You got families you’re responsible for. Make it a big success for them! You’ve got one of the luxuries of life: to impact people’s lives. Grab it, squeeze it, and take advantage of it.




10 Business Heroes We Can Still Look Up To

First off… I apologise for being remiss in updating my blog. It’s been really, really crazy with work and such offline that I’ve really had not much time to update this blog.

Nevertheless, I’m back!

And to kick things off, I’d like to share with you this list of 10 business leaders that are hailed as “heroes we can still look up to”. I think it’s very encouraging to note that there are still inspirational leaders out there who, as the article states, aren’t those that reveal themselves later to be really corrupt or irresponsible creeps underneath it all. It’s certainly a breath of fresh air to see that the world of business isn’t just exclusively made up of greed and dirty tricks.

In fact, I have to say that I count myself lucky to have worked for very capable and inspirational leaders throughout my career. Having had the privilege of working with such luminaries have certainly helped me achieve all that I have so far…

The full listing of the 10 Business Heroes are:

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5 Critical Areas Every Manager Must Be Adept In

As I continue to grow more and more into leadership and management roles within my current organisation, I find insights and advice like this increasingly helpful. It’s pretty amazing that, in the grand scheme of things, organisations tend to end up valuing “leadership” and “management” skills far more than mere “technical” skills.

Once, when I was trying to understand the world of C-level executives, I asked someone who was in such a position: “What do you do, actually?” I really liked his response: “What you can do, I can’t necessarily do. But what I can do, you can too. In the end, people come to me for decisions.” In short – leadership and management skills can often trump technical expertise, in an organisation.

So, coming across this collection of ideas on leadership and management via BNet InsightsThe Corner Office blog, was pretty helpful. I’m collated and summarised the findings into a single reference point now for convenience and future reference.

5 Critical Areas Every Manager Must Be Adept In

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