If You Can’t Afford To Learn From Your Own Mistakes, It’s Cheaper To Learn From Others’


I’m a firm believer that it is alright to make mistakes in the workplace. It’s the best form of education – as long as you’re willing and able to afford the tuition.

The tuition comesĀ in many forms: a financial cost, a negative impact to your career or reputation… well, you get the idea.

So, if you can’t afford to learn from your own mistakes, it could be cheaper (and safer) to learn from the mistakes of others.

Lessons Learned From Steve Pavlina

Sources of Insight is fast becoming a great inspirational resource for me! I’ve found another distilled “lessons learned” article from them about someone whom I’ve also heard of and follow from time to time: Steve Pavlina.

I first heard about him when someone forwarded his blog to me – at a time when he was experimenting with polyphasic sleep. It was utterly amazing to read about how he was able to discipline himself into such a regimented lifestyle to enable him to experience polyphasic sleep – I believe someone said it was as if he was a “robot”!

Anyway, I’m grateful that Sources of Insight was able to distill some of his key lessons for all of us in a handy post that consists of the standard 25 key lessons, followed by quotes, and then other resources for further reading.

Full article here.

Lessons Learned From Guy Kawasaki

I have been reading Guy Kawasaki for many, many years. I appreciate his wisdom and insight when it comes to starting up a company, marketing (or “evangelising”) an idea, and communication in general. Guy always has a great load of insights and creative ways to talk about them too.

So, here’s another article from Sources of Insight that distills all the key lessons learned from Guy Kawasaki into 25 key lessons, top 10 quotes and additional resources.

Full article here.

Lessons Learned From Seth Godin!

I am, unabashedly, a Seth Godin groupie (well, not in the literal definition of the term… but definitely a huge, huge fan). So finding this treasure trove of Seth Godin lessons compiled neatly into a single blog post is probably as close as it gets to finding the Dead Sea Scrolls for me.

Great comprehensive post – starting with 25 lessons, then quotes, and finally resources to look through.

Full article here.