Adweek’s 10 Best Commercials of 2011

Adweek listed 10 of its favorite commercials from 2011. Interesting list – but here are my favorites:

Nissan Leaf – Gas Powered Everything

I especially like how they take the concept, “What if everything ran on gas?” and apply ad absurdum to prove its point in the end.


Dead Island  – Official Announcement Trailer

This is the first time I’ve seen how a video game can evoke emotions!


Google – Dear Sophie

This is how you humanize technology… by showing me how it makes me more human.


Chrysler – Born of Fire

I really like the *attitude* behind this – sometimes, a brand really does need some attititude. Other highlights include the kicking copy at the end: “Imported from Detroit”.


Chipotle – Back To The Start

A nice little bit of stop-motion animation coupled with a well-selected song – and a wonderfully thought-provoking message reinforce Chipotle’s brand values.


Volkswagen – The Force

This was really was quite cute – to the point that it became a viral hit over social networks.


Which of the 10 did you like? Check out the full list of 10 along with Adweek’s commentary here.

The Most Comprehensive Twitter Apps List Ever!

Featuring 275 Twitter applications currently, here is the most comprehensive list of Twitter Apps I’ve ever come across.

These Twitter apps are available to help you:

  1. Find Tweeters like You – Directories and User Search Tools
  2. Find out what is the latest trends on Twitter – Sites that tell the latest stories and trends on Twitter
  3. Track Twitter Users – Find out who the top Twitter users are
  4. Track certain keywords on Twitter – See keyword behavior on Twitter with these sites
  5. Work with links on Twitter – Twitter Links
  6. Track Tweets Across the Globe – What do you get when you mix maps with Twitter?
  7. Enhance your Tweeting – Some tools to add elements to your tweeting
  8. Create Reviews via Twitter – Who thought 140 character won’t make reviews?
  9. Change how you read tweets- Tweet Reading Tools
  10. Track your followers as well as your own following behavior- All About Followers and Following
  11. Use Twitter on Your Site or Blog – Tools that can integrate Twitter to your site or blog
  12. Update Twitter with other Social Networking Sites – Post to different social networking sites at once
  13. Integrate Twitter with other websites – Twitter and your Favorite Websites
  14. Twitter for Groups – Effective when you want to only talk to a particular group
  15. Twitter as an organizer – Remind yourself of certain activities you have to do
  16. Schedule your Tweets – Auto-tools to schedule tweets. Use wisely. Do not use for spam
  17. Find answers to your questions – Think Yahoo Answers meet Twitter
  18. Conduct Polls on Twitter – Very useful for research
  19. Track Yourself Through Twitter Statistics – Check out your status on Twitter
  20. Make Money with Twitter – Ways you can use your twitter account to earn money
  21. Handle Multiple Twitter Accounts – These tools will help you handle those accounts at a certain time. Useful when you have a company twitter profile.
  22. Graphic Twitter Resources – Resources where you can get backgrounds for your profile as well as icons to put in your blog
  23. Integrate Twitter with Files, Images and Videos – Upload anything to Twitter
  24. Receive and send tweets via email – Twitter and Email
  25. Integrate twitter with your love for music – Twitter and Music
  26. Save Twitter During Downtimes – Tools that will save you when Twitter has its downtimes
  27. Fight twitter spam with these tools – Twitter Spam Watchers
  28. Integrate Twitter with your Messenger – Twitter Messenger Applications
  29. Use Twitter Softwares and Widgets – Clients you can download to your desktop
  30. Twitter with your Browser – And save yourself some energy
  31. Twitter on your Mobile Phone – Twitter anywhere you like
  32. Enjoy specialized Twitter Sites – From funny, useless to weird Twitter sites