Winning At The Malaysia PR Awards 2012

I’m very honored to be recognized with two awards at this year’s Malaysia PR Awards, held by the PR Consultants Association (PRCA) of Malaysia.

The first award was given for #OfficeOutside, for the launch of Microsoft’s new version of Office in Malaysia earlier this year. To do this, we figured there was no better way to showcase the flexible-working scenarios enabled by this new version of Office than to shut down the subsidiary and have our employees work from the shopping centre underneath the Petronas Towers, where our office is located. Then simply invite along the media (with their cameras) and tell our simple, but compelling story, which is that with Office you can be productive virtually  anywhere using tools you know, love and rely on every day.

This was hailed as an innovative campaign, which has since been replicated in several regional subsidiaries, and is now being adopted as a worldwide best practice by the Office team at Corporate HQ (also nabbing me several more awards and recognition globally as well as regionally along the way).


MPRA2012 For OfficeOutside

The second award was in recognition for the work we did in launching Windows 8 here in Malaysia – which was certainly a really fun launch to pull off! We were recognized for the high-impact and creativity that our team drove – orchestrating a fully-integrated, high-profile communications campaign to bring the ground-breaking capabilities of Windows 8 to a waiting Malaysian public. This included reviewers workshops, product reviews, partnering with OEMs, launch PR programs/activities and post-launch sustaining momentum.

MPR2012 For Windows8

My heartfelt appreciation goes to our PR team – without whom I definitely could not have won these awards!  “No man is an island” and I am certainly no exception! Thank you so much to the awesome team at Priority Communications!!!

MPRA2012 TeamMicrosoft

I also dedicate the awards especially to my manager Danny Ong as well as my tech media friends who treated the newbie from banking & finance very graciously when I first showed up on the scene.

Onwards and upwards!

#OfficeOutside – Romancing The Product Truth Of The New Microsoft Office Suite

To mark the launch of the new Microsoft Office suite and demonstrate its key product truths of flexibility, productivity and seamless usability, I got every Microsoft Malaysia team member – from the most senior leader to the latest hire – to spend 2013 seconds (the year of the product launch, which was about 33 minutes) to work on our laptops, tablets, phones, and various devices in the transit station of the KLCC Twin Towers, during the busiest time of the day: lunch hour.

This stunt was designed as an outdoor “flash mob”-styled  launch: we dressed in noticeable the bright orange t-shirts and created a buzz as we demonstrated to both media and consumers alike that doing work no longer needs to be confined to the physical office. We romanced the core product truth: the new Office gave people the unfettered freedom to do things where and when they want, across a wide range of devices, whether laptops, tablets, or smartphones. We showed how this wasn’t just another version of Microsoft Office; we were introducing a brand new product that was reinvented as a cloud service.

The activation captured the imagination of both the media and general public, who were able to see the New Office in action. We landed highly positive and extensive coverage from top-tier print, broadcast, and online media on the New Office, as well as for the engaging, people-centric approach to the launch. It was also a great internal communications piece and rallying point for the team – everyone was in a festive mood as we descended to the train station after having a catered lunch together in the office.

After the launch, we extended the campaign through social media, where we had a small team work at various locations around Kuala Lumpur every Friday. We then posted our location on Facebook and Twitter and invited people to find us. Those who did were given a free one-year subscription to the new Office suite.

Ultimately, this creative and cost-friendly (we only needed to pay for the a staff lunch and t-shirts) approach provided a refreshing demo for both the media and the public, clearly demonstrating the New Office’s main features in a real-life setting; choice, flexibility, connectivity and a smarter way to do work anytime, anywhere, and on any internet-enabled device.

I couldn’t have been prouder to have led this initiative and to have enjoyed the enthusiastic support of all our team members!

Edit: It was nice to receive an industry award for this initiative. This was also hailed as an innovative campaign that was replicated in several other Microsoft subsidiaries throughout the region subsidiaries, and adopted as a worldwide best practice by the Office team at Corporate HQ (also nabbing me several more awards and recognition globally as well as regionally along the way).